Friday, October 21, 2011


I recently finished all of the Harry Potter books. Yes, I audio booked them, but its the best way to be productive and live inside the covers of a book at the same time. Originally, I was one of those guys who carried a mild loathing for the whole Harry Potter nonsense. Yes, you might be thinking that I generally saw the whole thing like the Dursley's saw wizardry, but that's not the whole case. Fandom that borderlines on obsession is never healthy. I know... I used to be the biggest Anime Otaku of all time. However, it was not this that made me resist (those far too enthused fans were just a turn off, not a full show stopper). It was more to the fact that I had been reading books like 'Wheel of Time' by Robert Jordan and the 'Shannarah Series' by Terry Brooks. These books are much more high fantasy and pull me in much more than hearing about Harry Potter and his f-ed up under-the-stairs living situation (I would have raised hell if I were him).
Then, with the mixture of my new wife's subtle encouragements, joined with our going to Harry Potter World in Orlando this last summer, helped me decide that it was finally time to see what all the fuss was about. I must say that it was a rather fun read/ listen, and even though it probably won't go down as one of my favorite book series in the world, it will remain high on the list.

I started drawing people from the series. So first off.... here is Lord Voldemort. Maybe I will color it at some point. Not sure.


  1. The speech bubble is easily the best part of this image. But the rest of it is also nice.

  2. Mr. Hayes! your stuff is looking awesome man. i hope married life is going well. I love me some voldemort!

  3. Chris! This is hilarious! Made me laugh so hard.
    Some really good stuff going on here, the straight wand vs curly shoes, the dead-harry icon is non-cliche yet so elemental. Love it! Great work.