Sunday, July 10, 2011

Colored page.

Colored first page. More to come.

Friday, July 8, 2011

tho project.

Here is page one inked for the 12 page comic I am doing for a cd insert. this project is for a company out of LA and I have 10ish days to finish it up. I cant post the whole thing here, but I will post updates of some of it as I go.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

some random stuff

First I have the finished Telekinesis logo. I had to postpone doing this a few weeks longer than I wanted due to wedding stuff, the Riot art test, and the now 12 page full color comic I am working on. I took some breaks when I was sick of the comic and got this together.

Im trying to get a little more motion in my drawings and this levi ad kept popping up of a dude doing a hand stand so this happened.

this is old. It was me finishing up a tattoo design from a photo of the guys started tattoo. The jesus and the volcano and part of the mountain were already done.

This is older too. I did this a few months ago for Live for Music and Shaun Barret. It was a fun little work.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

getting hitched and some ramblings about it and such

The time has finally come. I am getting married. Yup, hitched, tied down, tamed, saying goodbye to the bachelor days and all that. I am luckily marrying my best friend. She is a patient, kind hearted soul who for some reason has the ability to deal with me and my tumultuous life. I really am quite lucky to have broken past the friend zone and swindled the girl into liking me! I have known Claire since 2007 so that makes it almost 5 years now. During that time I have had girlfriends and she has had boyfriends, but we still managed to stay friends and when the stars aligned and we both ended up in the right place, our paths stopped just crossing finally and paralleled. I for one am thankful that they did. I kept hearing that when you find the right girl its just easy. I never believed that because my relationships were always hard in one way or another.(a large part of that difficulty my own making!) Timing I have been told by some. Different goals by others. Religion differences. Well Claire was like glass. Smooth and simple. There were a few little air bubbles, but nothing major and as I spent more and more time with this woman I started to realize that this was what they all talk about. The easiness. The simplicity. The ability to just be open and accepting of one another. It hit me back in ferurary of this year that I really wanted this girl with me always and that I best put a ring on it. So in 16 days I will marry Claire Valene Bagley and we will take on this crazy adventure of a life together. WOOT!

So most of my friends and family will get this above invite soon, but if you didnt fill out the facebook forms or get me your address one way or another then know that your invited to the Utah reception, Georgia reception, or both. Come dance, come cut loose, and come help us celebrate our marriage. And dangit, stay classy folks!

If you cant tell, there is a hint of steampunk in our wedding theme, so if you feel like dawning the monocle, top hat, Victorian styled garb, or geared up steampunk robot arm, feel free! ;)