Friday, April 13, 2012

End of school, last few things to finish....

I need to finish up a few things....
1)The textures on this guy.

2) A painting I am doing for Chasm
3) An experimental animation piece
4) Take my religion final
5) Finish up some effects work for King of Iceland

And I did these a while ago. The Aladdin one isn't done yet. I have design of the Genie too, he just needs paint.

Still waiting to hear back from several studios for summer internship stuff.
So much of this summers plans have to do with internships. My Brother gets married this June, so I cant buy a ticket out until I know where I will be. My apartment complex is holding their last 2 bedroom apartment for only a few more days. If I get Avalanche we will move 2 doors over into a sweet 2 bedroom place and my wife won't have a living room that duals as my office. If I don't get that then we will start looking for places a little more south. Its all in the air. Sometimes I hate it when its all in the air. I like to know what I am going to be doing. I like having a plan. Right now I have 10 plans. 8 to many. Oh well, 1 thing is set in stone, I will buy Darksiders 2 the day it comes out and play it like an addict!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Speed painting stuff

I haven't posted in ages. Sorry about that. Busy with school and trying to get an internship this summer. Here is a painting I did this morning. It was about 3 hours... maybe a bit less. I started it around 5 am as a texture experiment for some assets I need to paint. My goal this summer is to do 5 paintings per week. Maybe I will get better after 4 months of that.