Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zombie stompin

Cuz sometimes you need to bash some skulls on Z day

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Disturbed Circus Freak for Joe's Class

my zombie Lego guy for class

I rocked an all nighter to get this done. I feel like in maybe another oh.... year or 3 I might have Maya to a point where I can use it comfortably! ha Maya

Monday, September 20, 2010

finished up my sketchbook

It took me 6 months. Way to long. i need to pick up the pace and draw more.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the ship in the sea

I reserve this space mostly for art. and I have tried to keep it that way. There are times when it cant be. Everyone in life walks a path. That path is dictated by the choices we have made and sometimes we look back. we all do it. We say, "If I could do it again I would have...." but we never really get the chance. When we look back sometimes we are filled with horrible regret or sorrow for what might have been. The opportunities lost. In the end the path that has brought us here really only matters if we learned from what it taught us. Right now we can make changes to follow the path we want. I have walked a long road of emotions. If you look at it it has been a bit rocky to say the least. What gets me by is that I know those bumps in the road were for my good. I thank god for those hard times because they taught me things and made me better.

I stood on top of a mountain this summer. One with no trail to its peek. I stared across the vista and I came to a bold recognition as to how small I am, how vast the world is, and how big God must be to manage it. God has my life planned without even trying hard. To him its a piece of cake and while it seems so rough sometimes to me and so hard, my viewpoint is that of someone in the valley below the mountain who only sees a small portion of the world.

I will enjoy tomorrow whatever it brings. My God steers the ship, and i know he will bring us home safely.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I have been taking Sam Nielson's digital painting class. If you haven't seen his work hit this link.
SO I took the class because I wanted to be a better painter, and at the end of week 2 in this class I am much better. Here is part of a painting i am doing for my cousin. it was supposed to be done last week but when you are getting better daily in such extreme ways its hard to not go and correct issues. So he will have to wait this one out. maybe I will have it done by the first of next week.

Current commission work schedule:

Character designs followed by the story boards for act 1 of the tv pilot.
Tattoo design/ painting for Brian
Children's book cover for author Ryan Wall
Meet with Racheal and Jordan about cd cover and merch project.

enjoy this, or don't, whatevs