Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just a quick old picture i did a while ago. I have a lot of new stuff to post but as I m sitting in the library procrastinating the work I should be doing I figured why not put something up. i get these burst of inspiration to draw in this style. It only ever happens when I am exposed to a certain stimuli. I never thought this sort of thing would ever happen. That is that I gain a style when exposed to something and only that something. While this one was from about... 2 years go I have recently started another one that I will post soon. I ramble.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am really enjoying the band All That Remains! Good stuff. Was sick today and everything good that I drew is under NDA agreements so I cant post anything. so I am gonna post something from my recent past, a commission for a guy in Atlanta that promptly disappeared after I finished without paying me. The reason I now have to do half up half down on all commission work. I have named her Alexis Ann Fire.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To much to do, so I procrastinate

I have a large list of important to dos like the comic book cover that is due asap, but I am taking a small break. 93 cent gloves at walmart for the cintiq, ftw
I am in need of some food and a Mt Dew!

Walk walk walk

just a quick shot of the walk cycle in its early prep stages and some scanns from my sketchbook in the last few months.

To see some of my older work take a look at I may upload some of those later on.

I have taken the plunge. Having avoided blogs since my high school days of livejournal, and having only used my previous blogs to banter back and forth with ex girlfriends and drama filed entities in my life, I am now starting a new blog here. Its primary intention is to get more of my day to day art up, record some of my ever present antics, and maybe even share a few incites. enjoy. The next blog will contain some drawings from the last month.