Wednesday, July 6, 2011

some random stuff

First I have the finished Telekinesis logo. I had to postpone doing this a few weeks longer than I wanted due to wedding stuff, the Riot art test, and the now 12 page full color comic I am working on. I took some breaks when I was sick of the comic and got this together.

Im trying to get a little more motion in my drawings and this levi ad kept popping up of a dude doing a hand stand so this happened.

this is old. It was me finishing up a tattoo design from a photo of the guys started tattoo. The jesus and the volcano and part of the mountain were already done.

This is older too. I did this a few months ago for Live for Music and Shaun Barret. It was a fun little work.


  1. I love love the Telekinesis Logo. That silhouette is perfect.

    Also. I want to start the Hipster comic today. HIPSTOGUN!!!

  2. i give the telekinesis logo an A+ haha thats sweet man!