Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cow-a-bunga, Righteous, and Pizza

So for some reason I had flashbacks today to a happier time, a better time, a simpler time. When all one cared about was highlighter colored clothing, pizza, and the thrill of kicking some good old Foot Clan butt. I was born a short year after these Turtle dudes were, and I was in that prime moment of my life when they surged onto the scene riding skateboards and wielding the ninja's tools of destruction. My parents hunted down the last 6 action figures left in the state of Utah one year, for my older brother and I, for Christmas. We had the pizza launcher tanks, all the bad guys, and we had dreams my friends, dreams.

SO today 2 triggers launched me on memory lane.

The first came from Joe Olson's hyper stylized and gracefully executed Donatello posted here.
Then right after in the completely opposite style the legendary Dave Rapoza put this Leonardo up on CG hub.

So I felt a need to draw a Raphael. It was done in a total of 3 ish hours on breaks throughout the day, and its the first ninja turtle I have drawn since 1996.



  1. haha this is great!! im lovin the way you handled the lighting and the bounce lights are siiick

  2. This is awesome, Chris. I figured you were a Raph fan.

  3. Raph is like the hipster rebel of the group so he is one of my favs, though I think there is a little of all of them in me.

    Thanks though guys.

  4. Cowabunga!

    I've never seen the movies... gasp. I know.